I can’t stop myself from just testing the taste of all the carby things I make. I ate one and a half bowls of these noodles (made with bread flour) last weekend. The next day, I had one portion left, I made them for Mr TCM’s lunch. I taste tested a small bowl. And two […]

All chocolate cake recipe leads to Hershey’s

While not all doctored box mix recipes are great, most I’ve tried worked out delicious (Red Velvet, Lemon and Chocolate). I became a firm believer of boxed cake mixes as a starting point. My best chocolate cake starts with a Duncan Hines German Chocolate box mix. It works consistently and it’s really good stuff. Then […]

If only I knew how to make it pretty.

Red Velvet is a very fashionable cake choice at the moment for celebrations. I don’t particularly fancy red velvet but it’s so tasty I make this very often for birthdays. I didn’t realise how tasty it was until I had a red velvet cake at a birthday party. This version is seriously good. It’s so good with ermine cream […]

I cook, you eat.

How freeing it is, to cook without caring for the guests’ dietary preferences! On my mind now: chicken in milk or pork sausages, onion and herb focaccia, baked brie starter, olives antipasto. Oh wait. I have extra olives. Here goes: chicken in milk, onion and herb focaccia, salad (with onion, lots of basil leaves and vinegar) and lemon tart (maybe […]