Eileen Chew, born 1976, lives in Singapore.

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Many years ago, before I was married I use to be at work really early and sat on a bench like this and did my writing. All my images are purchased from various shop owners on etsy.

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My claim to fame is being on QLRS when they were newish.

I use to have a web presence call headspace.esui.org which you can find on the way back machine. (I might resurrect that here – should I? I don’t know – so much work, you know.) Before that was Narcissus At Home on one of those free journaling sites where we don’t need to code html. In those days, there was a circle call Mandlebrot Set which was the people who were very serious about their journaling sites and frames were fancy. I also remember Singaporeans like Vernon, Po and her friend MinZhi who runs transparent-hummingbird and PJ Thum. Mr Brown had an occasional series on National something something. (All these famous and frightfully clever people don’t know me – I only register as the obsessive person who reads so many pages.) Even further back, there was airdancer and I was doing it on html on a pacificnet.

I squatted on headbirths.com after I sold headspace insta account to a company who runs a meditation app.