Reading up on games

So cute

Glynis: Perhaps it’s the psychology she’s using, not algebra. You know, rock is id, paper–ego, scissor–superego.
Grace: You people are seriously warped. It’s a game. It’s about luck.
Luke: No, grace. Games are never about luck. Everything has a strategy from government to romance, such as the time when I gave you a gift– a calculated gambit designed to throw you in a state of imbalance.
Grace: You worked me?
Luke: No, no.
Grace: You used a gambit on me?!
Luke: No, grace. I’m making an analogy.
Friedman: That was some bad math, dude


Friedman: Let’s go. Let’s go. You got it. You got it.
Joan: As the probability of duplicating a tie decreases with each tie thrown, human behavior becomes the deciding factor. This is the domain of the philosophers and the poets and not the mathematicians.
Friedman: That was so hot.



Make study more effective, the easy way « Mind Hacks

This means you need to think about what you are trying to remember means, both in relationship to other material you are trying to learn, and to yourself. Other research in memory has shown the importance of schema – memory patterns and structures – for recall. As teachers, we try and organise our course material for the convenience of students, to best help them understand it.
Make study more effective, the easy way « Mind Hacks.

This year I signed up for a memorising course and a mind mapping course. Both methods teach deep learning and is great for students. The memorising course starts of with a set of 10 peg items. To memorise you create memory associations between the pegs and the list. Mind mapping actually teaches the method of re-organising and reclassifying chunks of information.

Food Choices

I had exceeded my 3kg every 4 weeks weight gain limit. I had workman size box of Chow Fun everyday. In between meals I was snacking on muesli and milk. I couldn’t stop being hungry. Once I returned to a low carb diet, I no longer needed to snack in between meals. (Low carbing for me now means avoiding white carbs and not carb counting.) My food is boring. I am eating chicken everyday. The protein makes me full for longer periods of time. What I think worked is the lack of Food Reward than the protein.

I’m not sure if that is a good strategy. Fetal programming theory says that baby’s body will react to the signals sent by the outside environment. If I limit white carbs, will baby’s body attempt to absorb and hold on to it? In practice when the body responds enthusiastically to food rewards, it is difficult to a balanced meal.