Reading up on games

So cute Glynis: Perhaps it’s the psychology she’s using, not algebra. You know, rock is id, paper–ego, scissor–superego. Grace: You people are seriously warped. It’s a game. It’s about luck. Luke: No, grace. Games are never about luck. Everything has a strategy from government to romance, such as the time when I gave you a […]

Make study more effective, the easy way « Mind Hacks

This means you need to think about what you are trying to remember means, both in relationship to other material you are trying to learn, and to yourself. Other research in memory has shown the importance of schema – memory patterns and structures – for recall. As teachers, we try and organise our course material […]

Food Choices

I had exceeded my 3kg every 4 weeks weight gain limit. I had workman size box of Chow Fun everyday. In between meals I was snacking on muesli and milk. I couldn’t stop being hungry. Once I returned to a low carb diet, I no longer needed to snack in between meals. (Low carbing for […]