Movie at Home : The Palace of Infinite Reflections

Kid #1 has just started Primary school and I find the schedule change hard to manage. I couldn’t figure out how other parents did it. I kept trying to figure out how did they manage to fit revision after dinner. What about playing? Don’t their kids play? Why is it that those blogs and articles […]

MOE Resource Library

I was helping the older child log into his Student Learning portal. I mucked about the site and discovered they is additional learning resources. They have them for most subjects. The kids were fighting me on the laptop to try out the activities. I think they can do this all day if I let them.

On family life

I enjoyed the personal eulogies delivered by family of the former PM Lee Kuan Yew. It was interesting to subtract the politics from the old man. Of all the eulogies, Dr Lee Wei Ling’s was the most well written. She has a great voice. Nobody came close to expressing the intimacy in the family, or […]

An unnatural state

I spent a long time dawdling on the floor, deciding which goes where. They resisted being together. It’s sad that in two weeks,  nature will take over. Some will move to where there is more space. There are those will stay, because they are too far behind.


C screamed and sobbed. It was more than an hour now. Before this, she was happy, doing word play in the bath. “Mama?”, she would call from her tub. “Ya?”, I would reply looking in. “Papaya,” she said, “Papaya. Mamaya.” So incredibly cute. We ruled out hunger, obvious physical discomfort and fever. B took her […]

My writing corner

I love what Mr TCM did to this space. Under the black typewriter case is the shoe rack. When it is light, I see lots of green. I need to learn not to leave my pens lying around since anyone can just reach in and help themselves.