After some years focusing on my two small children, I am now trying to return things that I enjoy. One of the things I often think about is dinner, so that might show up too much here. Not trying to monetise anything here so everything will be a bit random.

Bullet Journal

During one of the highest stress points while I was working from home, I discovered bullet journal from youtube. My favourite to watch is Plant Based Bride because I love all that gold colour she puts in the journal. I also used her rolling weekly spread for my work. Journal Away has beautiful drawings in […]

Against the tide

My mom was determined to be middleclass. She bought a Kawai piano and I was to play it half an hour daily. She bought assessment books and told me the drill. This was at odds with my idea of childhood. I am more or less dutiful, depending on whether you spoke with my doting aunts […]

Risk Management In The Time of Covid 19

Risk management in a financial industry is more structured than less – which is a very good thing for the financial industry. When I entered my next job, it was mainly handling X. I got do a bit of the “Hey I did this to figure out that!” but it was not that often. I […]


3.26 蔡康永:做更好的自己 我听了很感动。象很多人,我把想做的事埋了起来。想做的,能做的,被肯定的,距离太大了。象我妈说的,算了吧,不如就做一般人。 收在心里的不一定会消失。有些不需多少洋气,水分,和阳光。有一天你会发现它有在慢慢的,不经意的长大。可能没开花或结果。但是它有根,枝,叶。你努力经营那些你觉得能做的,被肯定,到头来可能只是一般般。 摆脱”极端主义者”的想法!不必玩二选一:放弃想做的事或放弃能做的事。才子也未必能做到拉近想做的,能做的,被肯定的。我们能做到的就是在每一个作品里,不断的努力去拉进距离。两者慢慢的努力。结果有可能两者都是一般般。但不会对想做而没努力而遗憾。

Is it really hoarding? (Or, Brought to you by Dettol)

Friday night, in Singapore, once the alert was raised, the entire nation worked with one mind. Live reports on friends’ facebook showed incredible queues at the shopping centre. When the alert was yellow, cleaning products was first to go. Friday night, it was toilet roll and instant noodles. Then it was fresh food. There were […]

On Free Time

Chinese New Year is a time where we spend a lot free time eating and being social. Every age has a different meaning to being social. Now, being social means occasionally looking up from our phones to take pictures of ourselves, our eating. 20 years ago, being social means occasionally looking up from the television […]

On artistry

最近会一边上班一边听李宗盛的演唱会。有时候听到某些歌会不知不觉的流泪。这些都不是他年轻时写的情歌而是后来发的《给自己写的歌》和《新写的旧歌》。 I was watching an interview. A sweet young thing asked how could he have written hit after hit without experiencing depths of emotions. His reply was earnest. Song writing is like acting – it is cerebral. It is a calculated way to trigger an emotion in someone else. It could be a singer, it […]