Botanical pictures

This is a gorgeous site of many old botanical prints that I came across by accident. Of course the first thing I keyed in was the durian.   The main site , Biodiversity Heritage Library has more than beautiful illustrations. I found an article on the lychee and the longan (spelled lungan). Page 15 talks about […]

Life changes

I was looking for Singaporean mothers who practice baby led weaning when I came across a blog Opinionation, written by Grace. I have been seeking parenting books to learn the right way of parenting. Even though I haven’t properly learnt the skills taught in How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids […]

Hee hee

There’s a theory about the specific suckling technique the breast engenders, which develops the muscles needed for speech. Williams becomes convinced – and has convinced me – that breasts evolved as a driver of female and infant survival, and men’s obsession with them arrived not “in lockstep”, but some time later. “Perhaps, all along, the […]


On the herbal water used for bathing: “Of course they will say it is good. No one will sell their products and tell you that it is not good.*pause* Anyway, I don’t believe in all this. If that were the case, all the ang mos have rheumatism already and die liaos. They don’t practice confinement […]


This bride on craigslist complained about the cost of wedding photography. I am surprised she complained about the cost of the photographer when the other costs are much higher. My opinion has always been that a wedding party is not worth it. An expensive honeymoon is not worth it. Money can be spent on the […]


There is a book I have been meaning to read in preparation for labour Hyponobirthing : The Breakthrough Approach to Safer, Easier, Comfortable Birthing by Marie Mongan. I never come around to it because it sounds rather boring. Instead I go to the forums to find out the basic techniques. The idea is quite simple […]