Risk Management In The Time of Covid 19

Risk management in a financial industry is more structured than less – which is a very good thing for the financial industry. When I entered my next job, it was mainly handling X. I got do a bit of the “Hey I did this to figure out that!” but it was not that often. I […]


3.26 蔡康永:做更好的自己 我听了很感动。象很多人,我把想做的事埋了起来。想做的,能做的,被肯定的,距离太大了。象我妈说的,算了吧,不如就做一般人。 收在心里的不一定会消失。有些不需多少洋气,水分,和阳光。有一天你会发现它有在慢慢的,不经意的长大。可能没开花或结果。但是它有根,枝,叶。你努力经营那些你觉得能做的,被肯定,到头来可能只是一般般。 摆脱”极端主义者”的想法!不必玩二选一:放弃想做的事或放弃能做的事。才子也未必能做到拉近想做的,能做的,被肯定的。我们能做到的就是在每一个作品里,不断的努力去拉进距离。两者慢慢的努力。结果有可能两者都是一般般。但不会对想做而没努力而遗憾。

On The Compassionate Mantra

At my grandmother’s funeral, so not to frighten the guests, I read the scriptures for my grandma when it was just another cousin and I. It was amazing. I felt happy to read it to my grandma. I felt they were joyful expressions. I wasn’t reading it out of filial piety, I felt it was […]

Simmering Dramatics

The day before my first day at work, I was in Jakarta. The last time I went away for work, Mr TCM hasn’t started his practice. The plan was to stay in Jakarta for a week. My mom was to watch the children. I came back unexpectedly in two days. The protests had made important […]