Food Choices

I had exceeded my 3kg every 4 weeks weight gain limit. I had workman size box of Chow Fun everyday. In between meals I was snacking on muesli and milk. I couldn’t stop being hungry. Once I returned to a low carb diet, I no longer needed to snack in between meals. (Low carbing for me now means avoiding white carbs and not carb counting.) My food is boring. I am eating chicken everyday. The protein makes me full for longer periods of time. What I think worked is the lack of Food Reward than the protein.

I’m not sure if that is a good strategy. Fetal programming theory says that baby’s body will react to the signals sent by the outside environment. If I limit white carbs, will baby’s body attempt to absorb and hold on to it? In practice when the body responds enthusiastically to food rewards, it is difficult to a balanced meal.