Reading up on games

So cute

Glynis: Perhaps it’s the psychology she’s using, not algebra. You know, rock is id, paper–ego, scissor–superego.
Grace: You people are seriously warped. It’s a game. It’s about luck.
Luke: No, grace. Games are never about luck. Everything has a strategy from government to romance, such as the time when I gave you a gift– a calculated gambit designed to throw you in a state of imbalance.
Grace: You worked me?
Luke: No, no.
Grace: You used a gambit on me?!
Luke: No, grace. I’m making an analogy.
Friedman: That was some bad math, dude


Friedman: Let’s go. Let’s go. You got it. You got it.
Joan: As the probability of duplicating a tie decreases with each tie thrown, human behavior becomes the deciding factor. This is the domain of the philosophers and the poets and not the mathematicians.
Friedman: That was so hot.