A thing called W. I. F. E

At work, a HOD was talking about his weekend plans. “But what about your son? Who is picking him up from tuition?”

“There is this thing called W. I. F. E.”

I want to get one of those too, I said to the lady to my right.

What a luxury to have one! All you have to do all day is sit about and do absolutely nothing.

When the kids were smaller I thought I could start studying something when they turned old enough for school. What a beautiful fantasy that! Daily, I am going on about spelling and 听写. What kids don’t realise is, we too prefer free play over work.

Saturdays are the only days I get to loaf while waiting for the kids to be done at their various classes. In between the groceries to be gotten, the wait and the travel or bags and sweaters forgotten, the W.I.F.E gets a rest.

Or is it that some lower end models complain and nag while running, the higher end models run smoothly and as noiseless as Mr Mopper?

On Weddings

You’ve got the gown. You’ve got the ring.
You’re ready for the wedding.
How about the marriage?

I saw this interesting advertisement right in the Registry of Marriages today. At first I thought, well, isn’t it too late to back out? Then later, I figured out, it’s never to late to recognise you’re not ready for marriage – it may not be a wrong partner.


I had a blast at my aunt’s wedding!  We were at the Registry in our fineries before the appointed time of my aunt’s solemnisation. The solemnisation was completed in 15 mins. Family portraits were taken at picturesque spots near the main building. Then there was some lazing about at my aunt’s home before going out to a delicious lunch. We occupied ourselves with nothing more strenuous than sleep and television until thirst set in. My aunt roused herself to make tea. The pound cake (that I made) was sliced to go with tea.

Everyone returned to their earlier activities. I interrupted my reading (Tess of D’Urbervilles) to gazed at the Koreans on television from time to time.

It’s the wedding I wish I had. I love it!



Weird things post baby

The funny thing about after giving birth is the odd changes after delivery that doesn’t go away. Like my previously straight hair is now wavy. My nose stopped enjoying fresh citrusy scents and now seek comforting sandalwood smells.

I walked into Penhaligon’s. It was fun to talk to the sales people in the perfume line about different smells. I tried a few scents and they were mostly very floral and I was seeking a deeper smell. The lady gave me Elixer which was very pleasant Frankincense smell. It strikes me as very manly at first from the spicy note. It felt more feminine 2 hours into the wear. I think it’s the rose? They seem to love flowers there. CK Tangs carry Tam Dao. It smells of creamy sandalwood. Very feminine, soft scent. It doesn’t become something else – which some perfumes like to do. It’s just a simple sandalwood smell. I would buy if not for the $201 price tag. I tried to work on my own perfume of sandalwood, white amber and a rosy . It is too much synthetic rose – which I don’t quite enjoy. The sandalwood alone makes me think of a wooden cupboard. Perhaps for my birthday ‘edition’ I would mix sandalwood and white amber alone.

Playing by ear

For my record

The Piano Chronicles

Here is an interesting recent PW thread on playing by ear. The response that really caught my eye was from Gyro. Below I quote in full what he wrote. Something simple to start with and to build on. No music theory needed! 🙂

Practical by-ear playing is not that difficult. Starting on the C one octave below middle C, and going up the white keys, play the 7 four-note chords using every other white key:


This is the foundation upon which all chords for by-ear playing are built. (In some songs, particularly older songs and rock and country oldies, sometimes only 3-note chords are used: CEG, DFA, EGB, etc.)

Note that each of the 4-note chords above can easily slip into a second chord without changing the first two notes: for example, CEGB can slip easily into CEFA, or CEGA, etc. This is…

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How Teresa Carreño gets practice time

This is funny.

The Piano Chronicles

One of the books that I dip into from time to time is Arrau on Music and Performance, written by Joseph Horowitz. Just today I picked up something that I missed when reading it the first time around, and that is Arrau’s reporting of a comment made by the great Venezuelan pianist Teresa Carreño. She had five children with three husbands and a common-law partner. Arrau met her after one of her concerts, and she said, “Oh, with all the children we have it’s so difficult to practice. I have a loaded gun on my piano. And I have threatened all my children—if they open the door, I shoot.”

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What? I have to match clothing for our family potrait?

 Design-seeds website is gorgeous and makes everything easy. My problem is that I don’t have a lot of clothes I have maybe 16 dresses and out of those, only 4 (plum/pink, kelly green, navy blue and black ) are in a single solid colour. Most are prints or strips, which I’ve read is very distracting. C has a beige dress, a navy blue dress (small flower prints) and a white dress  (pink giraffe prints). Mr TCM and A. has a lot more clothing. I wish I have more clothing so its much easier to do this. I manage to find something I could put together


Blue dress shirt for Mr TCM.
Orange/Mud long pants for A and a beige top
Navy blue dress for C
Black dress for Me (or the blue dress in bold diagonal stripes? I’m going to do stripes because I saw someone’s picture has it. It means it’s okay!)


Flora Brights

Purple T shirt, beige bermudas for Mr TCM.
Beige pants for A and ? Top
Beige dress? Or Pink Giraffe dress for C (Maybe pink because too much beige)
Plum/Pink dress for Me


Props:  Bubbles and something to eat