La Mer is da bomb in cosmetic elegance

I am your regular over read la mer basher. It is the same as nivea. I can mix a bit nivea with skb. I put a ton of skb in my husband’s hair gel. Seriously give me the money.

I am totally eating my words now. I have been trying to deal with painfully dry skin lately. I go to work and it feels so uncomfortable yet it doesn’t peel, other than it being tight, there are no other indications of irritation. I was on youtube and G-omnipresent suggested I look at Jackie Aina – in particular the episode where she splashed money on fancy creams.

I was obsessed with how she looked after she put on the la mer. So well moisturised.

With reddit’s help, decided on the more usable soft cream and got myself a sample size.

It was a fabulous. Absolutely fabulous. My dry skin went away. I could use any glycerin, or even vaseline or nivea soft. But I can’t – I will get a huge cystic pimple. I can put an active into some solution (water or oil) and use it and yes, it will work. On someone else, it might come across irritating to the skin. It works but it’s not possible to use it on a daily basis because of sensitivity to the ingredient. Cosmetic elegance is sophistication in the science of skincare. Sophistication is making an annoying ingredient friendly and usable. Sophistication is to allow the skin to feel protected and comfortable. That is where luxury skin care brands deliver – cosmetic elegance.

The problem with these reviews are they claim there are so many moisturisers better than la mer at a lower price point. No, there isn’t. There are some that are similiar in the moisturising properties but I haven’t tried one that shares or exceeds the same level of sophistication. Basically, the La Mer chemist (and the team) took some inexpensive ingredients and made a really good money out of them. That is the magic broth right there.