Exuberent enthusiasm

I was 7 when I met this older child who was then 11 years old. She was a prefect. She was soft spoken but had a quiet authority about her. I wanted to be like her. Everyday, I would save a space for her next to me on the bus. I don’t think I had ever spoken with her. There was just an understanding that the seat was only saved for her. She did speak with me twice – once to signal to me I shouldn’t be rolling up my skirt. The other was the last day of school – she was already in Primary 6. I was first puzzled then crestfallen. I thought school went on forever.

In my career, I have met a few ladies whom I totally idolise. I do speak with them in doing my job. (I have become less introverted.) I never had a chance to totally gush like a tap. There was once, I accidentally blurted out, bewildered, “How can that be? You are so beautiful!” to her saying that her husband finds her look boring. Or some such nonsense husbands are wont to say. She was a totally with it General Manager who, like the older prefect, is soft spoken with quiet authority. There were other idols I have but most of them I never gushed because I noticed women don’t take to flattery the same way.

It is common to hear that most bosses like brown nosing. However, it is my experience that sincere appreciation creates a feeling of suspicion. There is an automatic response that this is poor brown nosing. I wonder why that is. Perhaps in the work place, one does not want real feelings of friendship or happiness. It makes things very difficult when difficult jobs have to occur.

For many years, I have wanted to know how a particular team in my organisation organises totally brilliant tests. Recently, I was given this chance to apply for this learning event and and I got it. A fist pumping moment if ever. It is happening tomorrow. OMG. Incredible. I can’t believe my luck. I might accidentally display exuberant enthusiasm and gush like a burst pipe.