Cystic acne

The night was warm and I was not ready for sleep. I was amused to discover facial salons were still using High Frequency Wands as if it is a new and fancy treatment (ie 2016). It has been around for at least 30 years as a facial device. The wand was inexpensive and had been on ebay for a number of years. I had it in my ebay cart for a while before I dropped it because the acne went away.

My pimple tingled. Honey masks. Bentonite Clay masks. Benzoyl peroxide. They worked. Then they didn’t. I get a few giant spots when the weather turns warm. They take ages to never go away. I had bumps from way back – now no longer red but the acne is there. When I was a teen I got them on the nose and I thought unimaginatively of Rudolph. Now I get them on the cheeks.

When the night was warm and my pimple tingling, I checked out the cart at lazada. I have been giving my face little electric shocks. It is painful. What is totally relaxing is stroking my face with the device over a layer of gauze. It releases a bit of ozone made me extremely sleepy after the treatment. I struggled heroically against Sleep, to put away the device . It did occur to me that I should google ozone’s toxicity or addictive quality. Like a cotton pillow, that thought cradled and carried me to sleep. With the light on.

I named my pimples.
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