It takes a village

I haven’t used hyaluronic acid for years since I read that the large molecules can’t penetrate and the small molecules creates a pro-inflammatory reaction to the skin.

I used propendiaol 1,3 in my last batch and didn’t like the texture. I never liked glycerin Lately aloe made my eyes water. There is always good ol’ sea kelp bio ferment but it pills with makeup.

Some times all a girl needs is a humectant. Honey is a great humectant and I enjoy the feeling of the skin after I clean off my honey mask but it is expensive and inconvenient. This texture is really good but I felt it lacks emolliency. I had a hard time trying to resist adding oils to this water based lotion. Instead, I add a few drops of oil after the serum.


Botanical pictures

This is a gorgeous site of many old botanical prints that I came across by accident. Of course the first thing I keyed in was the durian.  

The main site , Biodiversity Heritage Library has more than beautiful illustrations. I found an article on the lychee and the longan (spelled lungan). Page 15 talks about the names for the longan. The names sound distinctively Cantonese. Cool!

Cystic acne

The night was warm and I was not ready for sleep. I was amused to discover facial salons were still using High Frequency Wands as if it is a new and fancy treatment (ie 2016). It has been around for at least 30 years as a facial device. The wand was inexpensive and had been on ebay for a number of years. I had it in my ebay cart for a while before I dropped it because the acne went away.

My pimple tingled. Honey masks. Bentonite Clay masks. Benzoyl peroxide. They worked. Then they didn’t. I get a few giant spots when the weather turns warm. They take ages to never go away. I had bumps from way back – now no longer red but the acne is there. When I was a teen I got them on the nose and I thought unimaginatively of Rudolph. Now I get them on the cheeks.

When the night was warm and my pimple tingling, I checked out the cart at lazada. I have been giving my face little electric shocks. It is painful. What is totally relaxing is stroking my face with the device over a layer of gauze. It releases a bit of ozone made me extremely sleepy after the treatment. I struggled heroically against Sleep, to put away the device . It did occur to me that I should google ozone’s toxicity or addictive quality. Like a cotton pillow, that thought cradled and carried me to sleep. With the light on.

I named my pimples.
Reader contest!

Risk Thinking

Risk is the unknown. Thinking about the unknown is generally rather difficult. A firm has a lot of big tasks that is broken down into simple steps. You see, making a mistake in those little steps can lead to the fall of a giant. So an organisation frets over these little steps. In a workplace, the unknown is intrinsic due to the variability of emotions and the lack of predictability of what might screw up today. This occupies the minds of middle managers a lot.

An individual does not have such problems – the individual worries primarily about extrinsic unknowns. (The business will do well to learn from an individual!) I want to use risk thinking as a way for individual decision making. But where do I begin?

Who thought this was a Good Idea? By Alyssa Mastromonaco

It was fun. I enjoyed the anecdotes in the book and her voice was very chirpy and comes across as a can do sort of person. She has a lot of advice in the book for millennial girls on their first or second job. However, it didn’t come across as considered – it felt like it was a lot of platitude. I enjoyed her chirpiness.

Perhaps, I am the same age as Alyssa and am not her target reader. (She wanted millennials.) I felt Hillary Clinton’s book ‘What Happened’ had a lot more to teach in the kind of lessons Alyssa wanted to impart about leadership, kindness, humility and self-awareness, etc. I would recommend Clinton’s book over this.


Good sounds

A series of good things happened. My organisation had the misfortune of having plans leaked into the press. Some staff were cheered by the news when the stock price dipped. I was pertubed. If not to quell the sense of anxiety, I would not have re-discovered The Great Compassion Mantra (in short form). I have heard it playing in the background at my mom in law’s but it was all Sanskrit to me. I can’t quite remember how and why I wanted to download an app for reading Sutra but I did. I wept on hearing the wonderful Sutra. My anxiety gave way to calm. The calm transformed into joy. The joy transformed into well being. The well being transformed into confidence.

What marvelous words they are! I particularly enjoy the chanting by the monks here in this video.

Great Compassion Mantra