Life of Pi

I think the book overreached itself. It began with a mock interview of this person who assures that the story will make the reader and the writer believe in God. I finished In the Beginning by Isaac Asimov which was good. Just a few chapters into Mary Roach’s Six Feet Over and slammed it shut. I didn’t mind a Christian religion book for a bit of flavour.

It was interesting how Pi spent 200 over days floating in the sea. I like that he took actions to ensure his own survival. The book occasionally becomes a laundry list but it wasn’t boring. It was like watching Bear Grylls on discovery except Pi didn’t like adventures.
His knowledge of the animals on the boat with him was surprising since he didn’t spend that much time helping out in the zoo. It was unbelievable though: being in danger could have brought out some knowledge he has forgotten. It was all very well until it ended with a revelation: he didn’t spend the days with the animals. He spent it with humans who have become animals. The real story was more arresting, more believable. There was a lot more action, suspense and drama.