Book Binding at the Society of the Physically Disabled

Ever since Rhodia paper ceased to become available in SG, I stopped using the one last A4 gridpad that I have. My intention is to have them bound into an A6 journal at the Society of the Physically Disabled. A few weeks ago, I finally had the chance to do it on one of my leave days. (They do not work weekends.)

The sales officer Ruby and I chatted a little about paper and notebooks. She had trouble seeking fountain pen friendly paper. I mentioned to her the sample of Bagasse paper I got from someone on the FP yahoo group. While we chatted, I looked at the sample of the notebooks she has given me. The stitching on the sample is tight. The book does not open flat. It requires force to make it flat and even so, it springs back.

Doubtful, I asked to stitch four pages to a signature and to make 32 sheets each per notebook (about 64 pages). I wasn’t certain that it will be more flat because there are lesser pages. Ruby also mentioned that the papers will be trimmed. I had buyers remorse two days later, thinking I butchered those precious Rhodia paper.

It all ended happily. See how flat it opens!

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