C screamed and sobbed. It was more than an hour now. Before this, she was happy, doing word play in the bath. “Mama?”, she would call from her tub. “Ya?”, I would reply looking in. “Papaya,” she said, “Papaya. Mamaya.” So incredibly cute. We ruled out hunger, obvious physical discomfort and fever. B took her […]

My writing corner

I love what Mr TCM did to this space. Under the black typewriter case is the shoe rack. When it is light, I see lots of green. I need to learn not to leave my pens lying around since anyone can just reach in and help themselves.

Life changes

I was looking for Singaporean mothers who practice baby led weaning when I came across a blog Opinionation, written by Grace. I have been seeking parenting books to learn the right way of parenting. Even though I haven’t properly learnt the skills taught in How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids […]