A Song Of Fire And Ice

I started reading this because I could not seem to follow the series on HBO. There were too many faces and names to remember so I took the Game Of Thrones out from the library. Then the next and soon I finished the series up to Dance Of Dragons. What I really enjoy of this […]

Life of Pi

I think the book overreached itself. It began with a mock interview of this person who assures that the story will make the reader and the writer believe in God. I finished In the Beginning by Isaac Asimov which was good. Just a few chapters into Mary Roach’s Six Feet Over and slammed it shut. […]

The Year of the Flood (Margaret Atwood)

Among the Gardeners, weddings were simple affairs. Both parties had to proclaim in front of witnesses that they loved each other. They exchanged green leaves to symbolize growth and fertility and jumped over a bonfire to symbolize the energy of the universe, then declared themselves married and went to bed. For divorces they did the […]

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

I am in a non fiction phase and took out The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks after seeing good reviews of it everywhere. Mr TCM got slightly disturbed that I kept sighing through the book. It has a lot of ‘poor me’. The author really stretched out the ‘poor me’ stuff, detailing the process in […]

Neal Stephenson – Snow Crash

Snow Crash started out fun, fast and cool. I really enjoy the ride around the new world. Reality has pizza deliverers, courier girls on skates and hyper-inflated cities that are franchises. I like that Metaverse links to reality, where beauty of the avatar admired. It’s not a big thing in the story, but it made […]

I feel sexy with my kindle

How small it is! How slim it is! How light it is! Look! Look! I have five books in it now! It’s still small, slim and light! What an amazing invention! I feel slimmer! Lighter! Sexier! I ended up with a Kindle because Mr TCM could not be persuaded to get an iPad. Well, I […]