A Song Of Fire And Ice

I started reading this because I could not seem to follow the series on HBO. There were too many faces and names to remember so I took the Game Of Thrones out from the library. Then the next and soon I finished the series up to Dance Of Dragons.

What I really enjoy of this series is how random everything is – one day a king, dead the next day. One day pardoned, next thing you know the chap’s head is on a spike. The writer doesn’t seem to want us to be too attached to the characters because while I feel sorry that they are dead I don’t quite miss them. There is one exception: the dwarf Tyrion Lannister. The writer seems quite attached to Tyrion and he makes me want Tyrion to succeed and when the point of view shifts to some other character I wonder what Tyrion is doing.

I am rather disappointed the next book in the series will take a while. Having read on Wiki that Tolkien inspired Martins, I took out the Hobbit. It reads like a children’s book. I am finding it hard to finish.


One thought on “A Song Of Fire And Ice

  1. i love that martin isnt afraid to kill off characters, i dont think the story would be very interesting if everyone lived, it also adds to the suspense that you cant really predict whats going to happen next.

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