Movie at Home : The Palace of Infinite Reflections

Kid #1 has just started Primary school and I find the schedule change hard to manage. I couldn’t figure out how other parents did it. I kept trying to figure out how did they manage to fit revision after dinner. What about playing? Don’t their kids play? Why is it that those blogs and articles say kids are suppose to play? Am I allowed to let them play?

It’s a public holiday today and instead of doing exam exercises I downloaded Lego Movie 1 & 2. (Love the show! The songs!) I am wondering if I imagine kids can be managed like a manufacturing process, with strict adherence to schedules. I think it’s maybe like managing a new baby. Key jobs need to be done for a baby – diapering, drinking milk and sleeping. A schedule is necessary so that mummy and baby get what they need to do out of the way. It does depend on whether how fast or slow the baby and mummy gets all these things done.

So perhaps I should just set key tasks and we try to fit that into a schedule to get all the things done so that play can continue.