A thing called W. I. F. E

At work, a HOD was talking about his weekend plans. “But what about your son? Who is picking him up from tuition?”

“There is this thing called W. I. F. E.”

I want to get one of those too, I said to the lady to my right.

What a luxury to have one! All you have to do all day is sit about and do absolutely nothing.

When the kids were smaller I thought I could start studying something when they turned old enough for school. What a beautiful fantasy that! Daily, I am going on about spelling and 听写. What kids don’t realise is, we too prefer free play over work.

Saturdays are the only days I get to loaf while waiting for the kids to be done at their various classes. In between the groceries to be gotten, the wait and the travel or bags and sweaters forgotten, the W.I.F.E gets a rest.

Or is it that some lower end models complain and nag while running, the higher end models run smoothly and as noiseless as Mr Mopper?