On Weddings

You’ve got the gown. You’ve got the ring.
You’re ready for the wedding.
How about the marriage?

I saw this interesting advertisement right in the Registry of Marriages today. At first I thought, well, isn’t it too late to back out? Then later, I figured out, it’s never to late to recognise you’re not ready for marriage – it may not be a wrong partner.


I had a blast at my aunt’s wedding!  We were at the Registry in our fineries before the appointed time of my aunt’s solemnisation. The solemnisation was completed in 15 mins. Family portraits were taken at picturesque spots near the main building. Then there was some lazing about at my aunt’s home before going out to a delicious lunch. We occupied ourselves with nothing more strenuous than sleep and television until thirst set in. My aunt roused herself to make tea. The pound cake (that I made) was sliced to go with tea.

Everyone returned to their earlier activities. I interrupted my reading (Tess of D’Urbervilles) to gazed at the Koreans on television from time to time.

It’s the wedding I wish I had. I love it!





IMG_20160514_185854I can’t stop myself from just testing the taste of all the carby things I make. I ate one and a half bowls of these noodles (made with bread flour) last weekend. The next day, I had one portion left, I made them for Mr TCM’s lunch. I taste tested a small bowl. And two more long strands.

I’m making these for my 40th birthday with the Tipo OO flour. And a carrot cake with 40 candles all lighted up.

What is a hobby?

A hobby was not for enjoyment but a performance of perfection. I must be perfect before I can engage in something. I carried this belief with me from when I was a child.

It is utterly stupid and illogical. I did not know how I arrived at this conclusion. If someone had described this ludicrous notion and ascribed it to me, I would politely reply, “How interesting.” The conversation would turn to some other topics. I couldn’t see this was my practice. When I was little, I enjoyed writing during English composition classes. I gained a reputation for being good at it. I started feeling that I could not publish something until I was good. It was impossible for me to write a story. I couldn’t get it perfected. If I wrote a story, nobody ever read it. I only manage to get one story published. The main character was also a person who managed to be perfect without effort. I enjoyed drawing but when I discovered that my drawing teacher didn’t think I was good, I lost interest. I write discovered as if it was a fact but it was more like an inkling of a suspicion. Overnight, heated by the suspicion of imperfection, my interest evaporated. This strange notion extended to activities I didn’t enjoy – piano practice and school work. It’s one thing to know I have this illogical quirk. It’s quite another to persuade myself away from this usual thought process that I have to produce something perfect out of the time spent. Is a hobby to produce a perfect product or is it a journey of attaining perfection?

Frugal but vain

I am not a naturally frugal person. One thing I have been very proud of my success is cheaper and better alternatives with regard to skin care and makeup.

Prior to learning DIY skincare, I was purchasing off the shelf drugstore brands. It was a difficult adjustment for me. I was still trying out if a certain cream work or did not work. DIY was amazing. I was using skin care products that was comparatively inexpensive and my skin no longer clogged. I manage to eliminate all spending on facials because I didn’t need it. I also decided during my learning, to stick to ingredients that were proven to be effective or possibly shown to be effective in some studies.  I’m not great at expanding my DIY repertoire. I stick to a couple of things I always use because experimenting is about buying another hope in jar.

There is an advantage to clear skin. I have lesser interest in the pursuit of perfection of my skin. I am no longer interested in whitening and ensure optimal hydration. If something is not quite right, it is obvious if it is diet, or poor health. It made my life simpler.

Another thing that made my life simpler was going back to my skin tone. When I was 16 I was analysed as a winter. Recently, I came across this colour analysis and ever since then, I no longer needed a myriad of eye and lip colour. I used the same colours daily. It was lovely being boring. It simplified my options. I no longer have to try out looks or eye colours for an occasion. I used the same colours – slightly darker and more dramatic – than my work make up.