Weird things post baby

The funny thing about after giving birth is the odd changes after delivery that doesn’t go away. Like my previously straight hair is now wavy. My nose stopped enjoying fresh citrusy scents and now seek comforting sandalwood smells.

I walked into Penhaligon’s. It was fun to talk to the sales people in the perfume line about different smells. I tried a few scents and they were mostly very floral and I was seeking a deeper smell. The lady gave me Elixer which was very pleasant Frankincense smell. It strikes me as very manly at first from the spicy note. It felt more feminine 2 hours into the wear. I think it’s the rose? They seem to love flowers there. CK Tangs carry Tam Dao. It smells of creamy sandalwood. Very feminine, soft scent. It doesn’t become something else – which some perfumes like to do. It’s just a simple sandalwood smell. I would buy if not for the $201 price tag. I tried to work on my own perfume of sandalwood, white amber and a rosy . It is too much synthetic rose – which I don’t quite enjoy. The sandalwood alone makes me think of a wooden cupboard. Perhaps for my birthday ‘edition’ I would mix sandalwood and white amber alone.