Writing spaces

Just like I love the idea of having written more than the writing, I love the idea of having a writing room. When I was single, a writing room will include a long bench which has a laptop, some music machine, a day bed for naps and a shelve for books. These days, I think a small one, just enough for a desk, a chair and a small bookshelf sounds great. To have one is impractical for me – I would probably spend more time reassuring little A. that I am not abandoning him, and if I do ever get away, I would be looking up at the baby monitor every 5 seconds.

Apartment Therapy has this collection of sheds and the guardian has this collection of writers’ rooms

Lately, I have been playing with DIY skin care. I have a standard recipe for a B5/Hyaluronic acid, B3 toner, and a Vit C serum. I would like a bench with a stainless steel top for my DIY serums/toners/etc

I think I just like space.