Kindle/iPad for learning

I uploaded some FRM notes and have been learning from the Kindle + iPhone.  (Kindle for material, iPhone as a calculator for the maths stuff). Technology doesn’t make learning easier.  It makes content delivery easier. I think it is legitimate to question the implementation of iPad in schools.

Well, yes, a dancing singing actor in a lightweight, small size tablet might make the FRM course more entertaining but it doesn’t make learning easier. I still take notes and practice the problem sums given after the course on pen and paper.

Having the content packaged in this way that is easy to delivery, it means that you can reach to more students – ie, cost of delivery drops. Ideally, since cost of delivery is low, a teacher’s time can be used to coach students who need help with the content. I suspect, what will happen instead is that the teacher’s time will be used in other ways that are not related to teaching.