This bride on craigslist complained about the cost of wedding photography.

I am surprised she complained about the cost of the photographer when the other costs are much higher. My opinion has always been that a wedding party is not worth it. An expensive honeymoon is not worth it. Money can be spent on the newly wed’s mortgage. Money from an expensive honeymoon is better used on a string of inexpensive short trips or on date nights.

A good photographer is always worth the money he is paid. A friend with an expensive camera does not produce the same quality of shoot generally. What I mean is a good shot every time. A picture freezes a good moment. A poor photographer is likely to miss many moments. Not just that – a poor photographer’s work lack art. A wedding photographer is expected not to miss moments and to take great shots every time. He or she will definitely cost a lot.

A wedding is for me, an excuse to hire a good photographer. My only regret is that there are too many portraits and pictures of me. If I have the option I would not bother with portraits. I would like to see what he sees.