More on cake

Even though I don’t like decorations on cakes (I don’t like inedible stuff), this blogger has really beautiful cakes and beautiful photography. If I have money, however, I would ask her to make butter cakes for Chinese New Year.  (There is a doubt. I don’t understand the soft, fluffy texture that she seems so keen on. I like heavy, moist cakes. Softness is meant for beds and bears.) My Chinese New Year tradition is to have tea in the morning. Tea means milk tea, pineapple tarts and butter cake.

  • The only tea I have is the Russian Earl Grey
  • I can’t have pineapple tarts because that is the emperor’s edict
  • I do not have a butter cake.

I don’t mind the Russian Earl Grey substitution. I think I can sub the pineapple tarts for say shortbread. If I really need some sweetness, apricot jam on the cookie could do it. Not perfect but acceptable. The only problem I have is the cake. Sara Lee is denser than most but not buttery. Most bakeries in shopping malls like this fluffiness in butter cakes and a distinct lack of buttery flavour in their cakes. Ugh. The closest substitute I can think of is a fruit cake but that can only be found during Christmas.

p.s: While I think her cakes are beautiful, I love her office more. Isn’t it beautiful?