Fountain Pens : Twsbi Diamond 530

I clean forgot I own the Twsbi Diamond 530. A year back, someone on FPN singapore organised a bulk purchase when it was finally for sale. The ink leaked into the piston when the first time I filled it with water. The replacement part came. I’m not a fiddler – I had no idea how to fix it. The part eventually went missing. The pen went unused until I found it in my box yesterday, while cleaning up. I looked up FPN and was glad to find that “This leakage on line 1 is not going to cause any writing problem, or ink storage problem, but it looks un-pleasant.”

I filled it up with Noodler’s Cayenne Pepper. Size is great! I like the M800 size. The M nib is reasonably smooth – not butter, some feedback – and very clean for a demonstrator. (Ink tends to collect at the cap for the Pelikan demonstrator I own.) Pretty good for a cheapie!

I’m rather looking forward to the Twsbi Vacuum Filling System (Vac 700). It has been on the boards for ages with very uninteresting news. I wouldn’t rush out to buy the first batch but will buy them if reviews are good.