Neal Stephenson – Snow Crash

Snow Crash started out fun, fast and cool. I really enjoy the ride around the new world. Reality has pizza deliverers, courier girls on skates and hyper-inflated cities that are franchises. I like that Metaverse links to reality, where beauty of the avatar admired. It’s not a big thing in the story, but it made me admire it for its consistency.

I did not enjoy the characters and the plot. The tying of the sumerian myths to information flow is too loosely tied together in the story and feels inelegant. As if he is trying to hammer out a new thought and the characters are mouth pieces. Checking the wikipedia for memetics, I figured out what he was doing. Knowing it now doesn’t change my mind. The seller of an idea in a fiction are the characters. His characters are not that interesting for me to buy it.


Food Choices

I had exceeded my 3kg every 4 weeks weight gain limit. I had workman size box of Chow Fun everyday. In between meals I was snacking on muesli and milk. I couldn’t stop being hungry. Once I returned to a low carb diet, I no longer needed to snack in between meals. (Low carbing for me now means avoiding white carbs and not carb counting.) My food is boring. I am eating chicken everyday. The protein makes me full for longer periods of time. What I think worked is the lack of Food Reward than the protein.

I’m not sure if that is a good strategy. Fetal programming theory says that baby’s body will react to the signals sent by the outside environment. If I limit white carbs, will baby’s body attempt to absorb and hold on to it? In practice when the body responds enthusiastically to food rewards, it is difficult to a balanced meal.

The Direct Line From Confucius to Lang Lang – Miller-McCune

This reminds me of the anecdote from Tiger Mom, the book. What is the motivation for disciplined practice and intense concentration?

“Participation in Western classical music requires memorization of details of model compositions through disciplined practice and intense concentration,” he notes. “This offers opportunities not only to master technique, but also to become imbued with the spirit of the music.
The Direct Line From Confucius to Lang Lang – Miller-McCune.

I feel sexy with my kindle

How small it is! How slim it is! How light it is! Look! Look! I have five books in it now! It’s still small, slim and light! What an amazing invention! I feel slimmer! Lighter! Sexier!

I ended up with a Kindle because Mr TCM could not be persuaded to get an iPad. Well, I agree with him – the iPad is too heavy to hold at length. My house is small and with a baby on the way, there was no room for either of us to buy books. All these sound well reasoned but in fact was an impulse buy.

I had taken to reading to baby – talking to baby gets boring fast. I have new Yorker on it. I am halfway through Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash. I love it like I love soft tofu. I want to mash my face with my kindle.