This bride on craigslist complained about the cost of wedding photography. I am surprised she complained about the cost of the photographer when the other costs are much higher. My opinion has always been that a wedding party is not worth it. An expensive honeymoon is not worth it. Money can be spent on the […]

How cloth diapering is a bit like home ownership

Mr TCM is more environmentally and health conscious – he prefers cloth diapers because it doesn’t create a lot of trash and it is better for baby’s skin. I imagined it must be cheaper to cloth diaper because every site that advocates clothing diapering talks about the cost. It struck me that I probably need […]

More on cake

Even though I don’t like decorations on cakes (I don’t like inedible stuff), this blogger has really beautiful cakes and beautiful photography. If I have money, however, I would ask her to make butter cakes for Chinese New Year.  (There is a doubt. I don’t understand the soft, fluffy texture that she seems so keen […]


There is a book I have been meaning to read in preparation for labour Hyponobirthing : The Breakthrough Approach to Safer, Easier, Comfortable Birthing by Marie Mongan. I never come around to it because it sounds rather boring. Instead I go to the forums to find out the basic techniques. The idea is quite simple […]